Custom CNC Programming

CNC machine programming from Advanced CNC Solutions
Large crankshaft being machined on a 5-axis CNC mill-turn machine.

Advanced CNC Solutions offers customized CNC programming for Fanuc, Siemens, Okuma and various other controllers.

Support of probing programming for Fanuc and Siemens. Such uses are probe raw part to determine number of face milling passes, to find "best fit" of part or to set (linear and/or rotary) part coordinate systems. Program routines can also be created to probe to inspect part features and dimensions.

Support of parametric (macro) programming. We work with Fanuc custom macro B programming, Siemens Sinumerik macro programming, Okuma user task 2 macro programming and others. Parametric programming can include the creation of special canned drilling cycles, pocket milling, plunge milling, variable-driven universal thread milling routines and much more. Can develop parametric programming code to create an entire product line, scale an entire range of parts, or create a stock part that can be scaled to any size for a customer's needs.

Custom CNC work and CNC machining from Advanced CNC Solutions

Sample ballnose endmill cutter paths
to machine draft angles on a cast housing.

The CNC code was used on a 3 axis
machining center using CAD/CAM
software to generate cutter paths.

We also concentrate on writing highly structured parametric programs for complex parts involving dozens to a hundred or more variables that define most every feature and attribute of a part family. Similar parts then can be quickly programmed by simply modifying variables (parameters) to achieve new part dimensions. These programmer/user specified variables can control most any part feature and/or machining conditions, such as diameters, lengths, widths, depths of cut, stock allowances, hole patterns, cutter radius, etc.

Advanced CNC Solutions also specializes in custom software applications and NC program conversions. Machine parameters and controller system variables can be used to facilitate advanced machining techniques within NC programs.


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