4-Axis Fixture Offset Calculator for Machining Centers


4 Axis Fixture Offset Calculator for Horizontal Machining Centers


Works with most Fanuc, Okuma and Siemens type controls.

Instantly calculates all fixture offsets from 1 known angle and fixture coordinate.

Instantly converts fixture offsets into G10 statements and writes them to text file.

Greatly reduces mathematical or typographical errors when creating fixture offsets.

Greatly reduces set-up and prove-out times.

Greatly reduces scrap rates. Your first set-up part CAN be a good part!

Eliminates errors when moving a part to a different machine.

Stores all fixture offset data in a table for easy retrieval.



Supports Fanuc, Okuma and Siemens style fixture offsets.

Calculates fixture offsets for up to 40 B-axis rotations by simply entering in 1 known angle and XYZ fixture offset.

Supports writing group of fixture offsets to text file.

Supports writing groups of offsets (for multiple parts on fixture) to text file.

Select any machine (button) to instantly re-calculate all fixture offsets for specific machine.

Allows for unique XYZ deviations (XYZ error correction) for each individual B-axis rotation.

Allows up to 12 stored machine zero's (with associated button) to be user defined.

Can use pre-defined machine zero coordinates or manually entered machine zero values.

Detects invalid fixture offset numbers.

Checks for various input errors.

Fixture offsets values can be instantly stored to the data sheet for later retrieval.

Stored fixture offsets can easily and instantly re-loaded back to main calculation sheet for modifications.



Select a pre-defined machine (button) which auto loads the Machine Zero Values (brownish left cells).

Enter a known B index angle and known XYZ coordinate for part/fixture offset into 4 left yellow cells.

Enter each fixture offset number (Fixt Num) and corresponding index angle (B index) into yellow column cells.

XYZ Fixture Offsets will automatically populate (green cells). These are the values for your G10 statements.

Click "Write to Text File".


Sample main sheet for automatic fixture offset calculations



Sample data sheet for for storing groups of fixture offsets



 Sample saved machine zero values for each specific machine





Send us an email and we will send you a 30 day trial copy of this free Fixture Offset Calculator software demo.

A full retail version of the 4 Axis Fixture Offset Calculator can be purchased for an introductory price of $80.

5 Axis Fixture Offset Calculators (table-table configuration -- BC, AC or AB axis) are available upon request.

4 Axis Fixture Offset Calculator for Vertical Machining Center with A-axis trunnion available upon request.


Sample Fanuc output code for above example.



Sample Okuma output code for above example.



Sample Siemens output code for above example.




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